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Case Study


How Metia Group doubled lead-gen ROI using Brandwatch Audiences, targeting the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Case StudyMetia

Finding and proving the ROI of marketing and advertising activities is one of the highest priorities of any agency. Metia made sure its technology client got the most bang for its buck.

With Brandwatch Audiences, Metia achieved 22% higher click-through rate on its Twitter ads, 59% higher landing rate on its webpage, and 144% higher conversion rate.


Tasked with creating multi-channel marketing programs at the highest standards, Metia requires cutting-edge strategies and the most advanced technologies.

These demand generation techniques must not only find the right people, in the right places, at the right time, but Metia must also prove its strategies are the most effective, reliable, and cost-efficient.

So, when one of the team’s technology clients needed a highly-targeted lead generation campaign, Metia knew Brandwatch Audiences would be an integral part of its toolset.

The most powerful social media audiences tool, Brandwatch Audiences allows you to search a database of over 400 million active Twitter users and export lists of their public data directly to Twitter Ads at the click of a button. This allows companies like Metia to pinpoint competitors’ customers by targeting followers of any account or reach high-impact influencers, journalists, and bloggers with a large secondary reach.

Combining multiple searches like bio keywords, tweet content, and demographics allows companies like Metia to build a niche, highly-targeted campaign, even narrowing down on specific job titles or industries.

With Audiences, Metia ran an ad campaign, successfully doubling their ROI from lead generation and enticing valuable decision makers with industry-specific, thought leadership content.

The right people

As a leading digital marketing agency, Metia must not only deliver quality results, but prove it is providing clients the highest return for every investment.

Luckily, Metia could begin this campaign with confidence, knowing budget wasn’t wasted on targeting irrelevant groups or individuals.

To ensure the maximum impact of the client’s investments, Metia used Brandwatch Audiences as part of its Micro Profiling process to focus ads on only the people that matter: individuals of commercial value, in the right roles, at the right companies, in the right industries.

With the capability to find and segment individual stakeholders at key companies, Metia confidently filtered its clients’ target audience before investing any money, and could bid higher once the refined audiences were formed.

Choosing and using the best tools, is essential for every agency. Using Audiences gives us more precision in targeting, greater confidence in recommending media investment strategies, and has significantly improved ROI for our clients.
— Pete Morgan, VP Demand, Metia Group

The right places

Digital consumers use numerous apps, platforms and digital devices each day.

Successful marketers and advertisers know that to reach potential buyers, they must deliver the right messages across many of these platforms.

For its tech client, Metia knew LinkedIn and Google were the right platforms for its business audience.

However for niche, B2B audiences, using Twitter as an ad channel requires a bit more thought.

Across every sector, decision-makers use Twitter to find and consume thought-leadership content in their industries, making ads on Twitter extremely valuable—if you can get your ads seen.

To get the biggest return on its Twitter ad investment, Metia used proprietary Active Optimization techniques to compare two different targeting approaches: an audience built using Brandwatch Audiences and a control audience, targeting Twitter users by publicly available accounts and keywords.

By testing efficacy from the paid ad from the channel all the way to lead conversion, Metia was able to optimize advertising on this crucially important channel.

The positive effect of Brandwatch Audiences across all touchpoints

Compared to the Twitter control group, the group created with Brandwatch Audiences improved Metia’s success rate across every content touchpoint.

The right time

A flexible audiences platform means extra intelligence can permeate throughout your marketing activities.

More highly-qualified people move seamlessly from seeing your ad, through your sales funnel. You’re able to provide quality, relevant messaging throughout the entire sales process.

Throughout Metia’s campaign, all leads generated were entered into a tailored email nurture program, where content moved from thought leadership to product/solution, to qualify individuals for direct sales outreach.

Using Audiences, Metia provided relevant content to each person as they moved through their sales journey.

Audiences is the stand out new addition to our suite of proprietary and third party tools. When we use Audiences within Metia’s structured customer profiling methodology, our clients experience extraordinary improvements in ROI performance.
— Pete Morgan, VP Demand, Metia Group


Using Brandwatch Audiences, Metia was able to provide its client:

  • 22% higher click-through-rate on Twitter ads,
  • 59% higher landing rate on its webpage, and
  • 144% higher conversion rate.

All together, despite the different costs associated with the audiences built with Brandwatch vs Twitter, Metia’s Brandwatch campaign generated leads (CPA) at a 33% lower cost to the traditional control segment.

In other words, the Brandwatch Audiences segment drove 1.5X more leads per dollar spent.

Brandwatch will continue to work with Metia to power its demand generation strategy, helping deliver measurable business impact for its clients.

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