Cooking in Microwave is Healthy and Fast.

As against the popular belief cooking in Microwave ovens is dangerous for health, as the most common fear is cancer.  Nothing can be far from the truth, because microwave in small amount is non reactive on human system, in fact the intel stellar microwave rays are definitely hazardous.  The microwave system that works in a household microwave oven is a small device that sends out fast moving electrons through a tube evenly into the food that oscillate back and forth within the wet food that generate heat due to friction and that in turn heats up our food, and at higher temperature cooks the food evenly on a rotating plate. This is as simple.  So, next time someone scares you about the microwave oven just shrug it off and go on and enjoy the technology to its full.  Nearly all of the West and Middle East as well as South East Asian nations cook and eat the foods using microwave ovens.