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Barbecue and Grill Restaurant Style at Home

Many of us know what is Barbecue and Grill, but very few of us know how to do the Barbecue and Grill restaurant style in our own backyards.

First and foremost one should know the difference between the two to try a hand.

Grilling is quickly cooking your food directly on a metal grill at a high temperature. while Barbecue is a slow cooking using the convection current of hot air circulating around your food, meat or chicken chunks mostly, in an oven with its lid closed.

As Indians are seeking to turn western in style and choices, even Barbecue and Grill is gaining immense popularity among them like their counterparts in the West.

There are many Barbecue and Grill restaurants dotting the popular location in towns and cities all over the country.

For instance, Barbecue Nation, is one such where you often see sizable crowd during lunch and dinner times vying to savor sizzling hot chicken bites, mutton cubes and variety of seafood directly from the sizzling hotel kitchen.

Barbecue and Grill is trending in India fast

If you know the finery of this culinary art, you will be a sought-after gent on the block. Ladies will take you for their tribe leader. Believe me, the skillful one is always in prime demand!

Barbecue and grilling is never fun when doing it alone. You should not do it, or it will turn you into an aborigine eating burnt meat pulling directly from the fire.  Men usually leave etiquette on the doormat when sweating in the kitchens alone.

By rule, a lot of us are terrible barbecues.

Pyre or Fire?

If you are not cremating the meat or chicken on the pyre, you are surely poisoning friends with your 50/50 barbecue skills.

Cooking like a pro on fire is a culinary art, but mastering the techniques gives you a special place among your friends.

You will be looked upon with respect as the Lord of the Tong and Master of the Flames when you hone your basic skill to a pro. So, get your basics right, when it is grilling time.

What do we need to start the fire?


Barbecue and Grills of various shapes and sizes

You need a charcoal barbecue or a covered oven for home or outdoors. The basic one will cost you around 900 rupees at Amazon.

There are smokeless barbecue ovens and grills too at a slightly bigger price (pic on the extreme left), a good option for indoors. There are heavier and bigger ones like the one on the extreme right in the pic but comes expensive. There are electrical grills as well for a few dollars more.

Natural Wood Charcoal for Barbecue is by far the best to get that tangy smoked chunks of grilled meat and chicken or fish. It is good to go for ovens with a lid as it locks in the flavor.

Keep the temperature constant and try adding wood chips to your charcoal to create that light Smokey flavor. Don’t be hurried, wait for the right moment to cook.

Barbecuing takes patience

Barbecuing take patience and concentration, in that order. 

The best way to test the heat is to hold your palm about 5 inches above the grill.

6 seconds = Your are not ready yet

4 seconds = No, wait, you are still not there

2 seconds = Nop! It is hot enough to place your goodies on the grill

0 seconds = Pull off your hand, or your will be burnt!

Tongues without which you have no Grill party

The first and the last thing you need is a decent pair of tongs. Another most important part of the barbecue. Without a perfect pair of tongs, you will have a tough time handling the sizzling hot food chunks.

homemade burgers on the grill

Homemade burgers are better. Even if you make them from nothing but salt and pepper and good-quality meat, they will beat anything in the shops.

Good quality mince with plenty of fat is best for homemade burgers, which are tan better than the frozen ones from the upward market. All that needs is some salt and pepper, basic soya saz, and some lemon juice to sprinkle on the burgers before you eat.

Juicy Hamburgers

Fish is great on barbecues

Why do people forget fish? To grill fish always choose a large fish or fillets that are firm and fresh.  This recipe can vary according to the variety of fish and the barbecue kits.

If you are feeling fancy, slice a whole fish open and stuff with lemon, dill, and pepper and grill, or try the whole pomfret with few cuts on the skin for the spices to sink in when marinating.

Fish grill
Fish is great for Grilling

Marinate, marinate, marinate!

We all know the phrase “leave for a few hours, ideally overnight”. Well, that applies doubly to barbecues, to make sure the flavors aren’t overridden by the addition of the smoke.

In fact, it’s best to save some marinade when you make it, and brush your meat or fish with the marinade every 10 minutes as it cooks. That way it will add moisture, trap the smoke flavor and caramelize gently as it goes.

Don’t forget the veggies.

We know barbecue is an excuse for most of us to turn into carnivores, but fire does wondrous things to vegetables too if you get the technique right.

Assorted Veggies and Potato wedges add zest to the Barbecue party

You can roast, zucchini, eggplants cut into slices, spiced bitter guard, onions, bell pepper, anything that can stand a five-minute charcoal heat. Diced with the right spice ingredients, make our vegan community not missing out on the barbecue and grill season.

How to Make zesty potato wedges?

Triple-tested Zesty, crispy potatoes are baked always in their skin. Serve them with BBQ and grilled burgers and steaks. Pealed and halved onions and long raw green chilies on the grill give a soulful feast for your guests and the families.

Choose one 1⁄2 kg bag of potato wedges, arrange the potato wedges on a large hot grill and bake until crispy and golden. Get the wedges down then sprinkle over 1⁄2tsp light red chili powder, 1⁄2tsp ground cumin, and a zest of 1 lemon to season and mix them well until coated.

Maintaining you weight is the secret of a healthy body

Why not? Barbecue and grill food is best for managing weight as it needs less of oil and less of spices, as well as the dry flatbread you chew on with this delicious dish is a welcome change over fatty Indian curried meat and chicken.

We need to change our dietary habits to lose girths around our waists. And for this, the barbecue & grilled food alternative is the best drill.

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